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For many years I have been known as a story teller by my friends. Now I am retired I have the opportunity to take my life one step further and put my vivid imagination on paper.



My first children's book,"It's a dog's life" is for children of all ages.  

I tell the story of how a "sheep-dog" feels when he is abruptly retired  at age 14. Now considered too old for herding sheep, but his life begins again with a different perspective as he finds Love and Adventure in his retirement.

My first novel, "The Shack on Serenity Mountain" is for mature audiences. Nicknamed Poona (Aboriginal name meaning grey headed man) by his new found much younger, beautiful girlfriend, Kia, the protagonist of this tale relished the fact that he had bought an old shack at the top of Serenity Mountain. This was the change of life he so desperately looked for after two failed marriages. Kia was just as free and untamed as the Panther that protected her. Poona had to adjust to a secluded life, being totally de­tached from the civilisation of Queens­land Australia that he was accustomed to. With Kia's help and being accepted by the tribe's elders, he grew to love his life­style more than anything. Kia had a child, Kody. Beyond Poona and Kia 's death, Kody relates the story of his Mother Poona, Barkoo the panther and the magic of that shack on Serenity Mountain. This story will make you anxious to turn the page, can you find love again? "YES"

My second novel, "A Stormy Beginning" is for mature audiences.  A rural story about a farmer and the day to day life of a family living on the land. This too is an "Adult Story", not written for readers under the age of 18 years of age.

My third novel, "Cindy's Awakening" is for mature audiences.  Cindy Marshal had been away from home at 'Boarding School' in Sydney for four long years. Now, she was returning home at last. She loved the bush; her family had a 'Soldier Settlement Block' granted to them after 'World War One.' Just a two-hour Sulky-Ride from the town of Bathurst in New South Wales, it was beautiful. It all began on the trip home from Sydney on that Big, Green, '38' Locomotive as it flew along the tracks, she peered out the window, her head against the cold glass, a tear in her eye. I'll be home soon. This too is an "Adult Story", not written for readers under the age of 18 years of age.

My forth novel "Schoolie to Federal Agent" is a love story with a twist. At seventeen, she decides not to return home to Sydney, much to the displeasure of her family. She is surprised to find out later, Paul her lover, is in fact a federal agent. They both join forces to rid the coast of the drug lords that supply the city with ice and heroin. A dramatic love story that tells of the trials and tribulations of Australian Federal Police (AFP) have to constantly overcome on a daily basis. Sheila brings to the team certain skills only a woman can supply. She becomes the strength and the backbone of the team but becoming this pillar is not without its own great sacrifices.

My fifth novel "Solitude" is a love story about a soldiers journey. When Joel returned after serving two tours fighting in Vietnam, his life had changed. There were demons in his head. Doctors diagnosed him with P.T.S.D. and each day was a battle. Loud noises and crowded streets were a nightmare. His only friend was 'Peanuts,' a Miniature-Pomeranian about the size of a football. This is Joel's story of drama and love in the beautiful northern city of Townsville. A modern city in the heart of the tropical Cassowary-Coast of Queensland northern Australia.

Enjoy your Reading,

KIND Regards, Grahame Moore (Author)

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